Buddhism is for whom?

  25 January 2012

Buddhism has something for every being! For the wise beings, there are loads of benefits without a doubt. So, “Wise” doesn’t has a color, no religion, no status, no sex, no age, no race…

Also, I believe there is no point of explaining this in details… because it is something you can experience by yourself. Because no matter how true is this point, if someone experience the real benefits by him or herself only one believe in this… till then no one believe on this.  Till then Buddhism will be just a religion with just another bunch of rituals and little bit of basic teachings.

So, as you can see “Nirvana Dhamma” web site itself has many sections for everyone. That’s a tiny proof that Pure Buddhist teaching is for every being.

But to give you more insight on this matter I created a pictures journey with few slide… read it… you may find them little bit radical sometimes… but doesn’t matter as long as they are supporting you to understand the related matter…

Watch the video… images and also the related sections… It’s all yours to explore…as much as you are wise there will be loads of wonderful things for your experience!

So, basically Nirvana Dhamma is for everyone… because Nirvana Dhamma has pure Buddhist teachings which has something better for everyone!